Pine Tar And Pocket Protectors Gives Out Annual Awards – American League Edition

17 10 2010

Posted by Brady

We all love the annual awards. Rookie Of The Year, MVP, and Cy Young. And this year has been a doozy for all 6 of them. Today, we are focusing on the American League.

American League Rookie of The Year: Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson posted a 5.4 UZR, and had a catch that saved Armando Galarraga's not-quite-perfect-game.

Is there any award that is more sewn up then the AL Rookie of The Year? A 3.7 WAR, batting .293. Sure, he was on pace to break the all time single season strikeout record set by Mark Reynolds. But, he didn’t. He still lead the AL in getting K’d. He tied for second in triples behind Twins centerfielder and lead off hitter, Denard Span, with 10 (Carl Crawford hit 13). He ended up hitting .293/.345/.400.  He walked 7% of the time, which is right in line with

his career in the minors. Sure, he has no power, but you don’t really need power out of the lead off spot. On the defensive side of the ball, Jackson has been very rangy. A 5.4 UZR, and a catch that saved Armando Gallaraga’s not-quite-perfect-game. Sure, his .396 BABIP is unsustainable, and while Jackson had a great year, look for him to have a major sophomore slump.

Runner ups: Netali Feliz (TEX), Danny Valencia (MIN)

American League Cy Young Award: Felix Hernandez (SEA)

Hernandez was the picture of domination. He's one of the few pitchers in the league that I will watch to just watch.

The AL Cy Young Award is by far the most controversial. And you have two basic schools of thought when it comes to this award. Ability versus results. What should’ve been versus what was.  Here at Pine Tar and Pocket Protectors we tend to throw things like “wins” and “losses” to the wind. We let that old, senile, Hall of Famer, 2 time MVP, and 2 time World Series champion, who has Jon Miller as a broadcast partner talk about it. He shall remain nameless.

We here at PTAPP we like to believe that ability makes you the best. And the best gets the award. Is there anyone who out pitched King Felix this year? A 6.2 WAR, a 2.27 ERA, and he pitched 249.2 innings. Sure, his win-loss record is rather lackluster, but so was Zack Grienke’s last year. Hernandez was the picture of domination. He’s one of the few pitchers in the league that I will watch to just watch.

Runner ups: Cliff Lee (TEX/SEA) David Price (TBR)

American League MVP: Josh Hamilton (TEX)

Josh Hamilton put on the illusion that he was just hitting off a tee this year.

Just like the 2009 MVP, Joe Mauer, Josh Hamilton put on the illusion that he was just hitting off a tee this year. When Hamilton came up to the plate, if he didn’t get a hit, I was in shock. He hit .359 and had an OBP of .411. But he did it with power, posting an ISO of .273. Which ranked 3rd in the AL behind Jose Bautista and Miguel Cabrera. Hamilton got it done with more than just his big bat. He gave Texas solid defense in the outfield with a 7.9 UZR, and an ARM rating of 6.3.  Hamilton was the man this year, and with a WAR of 8.0. He lead baseball with that mark. Hamilton is the MVP this year. No question.

Runner ups: Miguel Cabrera (DET), Joe Mauer (MIN).