Steroids: And Why Nobody Should Care

29 08 2010

Posted by Brady

Please note, that this is not necessarily the opinion of Pine Tar and Pocket Protectors. Nearly me. Brady. Please direct all hate mail and death threats to me. Brady.

Recently, Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run, and it was met, largely with a ho-hum from the entire baseball community other than Yankees fans, and ESPN. Why? Because Alex Rodriguez was on steroids, and therefore, nothing he ever did should ever matter.

Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids between 2001 and 2003

Same thing with Barry Bonds. Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa. They do not deserve their records, nor do they deserve enshrinement in the Hall of Fame (however you feel about the potential enshrinement doesn’t particularlly matter for this post). They cheated and used steroids.

Last January, I was at TwinsFest, and the Hall of Fame had some cool artifacts there. Babe Ruth’s jersey. A ball from somebody’s perfect game (I want to say Sandy Koufax’s, but don’t quote me on that) and all sorts of other cool things. I started up a conversation with the representative from the Hall of Fame, and was interrupted by an old man, screaming about Barry Bonds, and demanding that the Hall of Fame strip Bonds of the all-time home run record (because the Hall of Fame has control of such things) and recognize Hank Aaron as the record holder. When I asked why, already knowing his answer, he informed me because of steroids.

After doing more research, I found that Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle were also taking amphetamines. And I guarantee you that they weren’t alone.

Hank Aaron took amphetimines, or "greenies", and was likely high when he hit number 715.

As it turns out, amphetamines have a very similar effect on the human body as steroids. They both combat fatigue and cause erectile dysfunction.

Hell, in Jim Bouton’s book “Ball Four” amphetamines are spoken about. Everybody took them. There weren’t disallowed in baseball, and it seems that everybody knew that everybody was taking them. And still, nobody cared. In fact, not only did nobody care, but “cheaters” were put into the Hall of Fame.

Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids between 2001 and 2003. McGwire admitted to using in 1998. So on and so forth.

The fact is simple. Every generation of ball players had some sort of performance enhancing drugs at their disposal. Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds had steroids. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays had amphetamines. And there was no rule in any relation to either of them until 2006.

Hell, there are even rumors that Babe Ruth was using cocaine. We should wipe all his records out of the books.