Links of Reference

Here’s a list of our favorite links that we frequently reference to.

  • FanGraphs – The best when it comes to advanced baseball analysis and advanced stats such as WAR (Wins Above Replacement), UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating), and VORPYs (See this).
  • Baseball Prospectus – The home of VORP, PECOTA, and paid subscriptions.
  • Baseball-Reference – This site is better than your grandfather. It’ll tell you exactly how many home runs Mickey Mantle hit in 1955. Your grandfather’s probably too old to remember whether or not he ate breakfast today.
  • Tom Tango’s Blog – You’ll find some good reads here from one of today’s best sabermetricians.
  • Sabermetrics Library – Want to know what WAR is good for (absolutely nothing I tell ya!)? Want to know why FIP is good? This site has all of your much needed answers.
  • MLB Trade Rumors – If you want to know which AAA player got moved from team A to team B, this site has that covered. Not that you really care.
  • MLB Trade Rumors Forums – The best forum to ever graze the internet.

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