The Winter Meetings. The Recap.

10 12 2010

Posted by Brady

The Winter Meetings are now over. And a grand total of 50 players switched teams and organizations. Not counting the Rule 5 Draft. Let’s recap!

Werth's $126 million deal started the barrage of moves at the winter meetings.

We all know about Jayson Werth’s mega deal. He’ll be getting $126 million over a 7 year span. He’ll be getting the big bucks from the Nationals until he’s 39 years old. It’s hard for me, personally to be upset about this move for either parties. Jayson Werth gets to be a part of a great young core that will consist of Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Wilson Ramos, and Jordan Zimmerman. And the Nats get perennial 30 home run power, good defense, and good speed. It’s to big of a contract, but let’s be real. The Nats weren’t going to get anyone close to Werth’s skill, without paying big bucks.

The Red Sox also had a big week. They acquired Adrian Gonzalez, but had to give up top prospect, Casey Kelly to do it. This also involves a shady handshake deal. After Opening Day, Gonzalez will sign an extension. This way the Sox don’t have to pay the luxury tax. They also got Carl Crawford. 7 years, $142 million. This is a much better deal than Werth. Crawford is younger, better, and has been better for longer.

In a surprise move, the Blue Jays sent Shaun Marcum to the Brewers, and got Brett Lawrie. Good for both teams. Toronto needed a middle infielder, and the Brewers needed good pitching.

Seattle fixed their catching problem with Miguel Olivo, who was behind the plate when Greinke had his great 2009 season and when Jimenez had his dominant first half. It makes me wonder what Felix Hernandez will do next season. They also got middle of the road slugger, Jack Cust.

The Red Sox one-upped the Natonals' signing of Werth by signing Crawford to a $142 million deal.

The Padres got Jason Bartlett from the Rays, a long with Casey Kelly and power hitting first base prospect, Anthony Rizzo.

The Pirates continued their love affair with mediocre starting pitching, after signing Scott Olson. They also ended up with Matt Diaz, Kevin Correria, and Cesar Valdez.

The Phillies brought in Dennys Reyes and Brian Bass. Very much a pair of “meh” moves. But they don’t have a big laundry list of things to do this off season.

The Minnesota Twins got a pair of relievers for J.J. Hardy. Brett Jacobson and Jim Hoey. I don’t expect to see either of them in the majors this year.

The Brewers got Shaun Marcum, as we already covered, and Wil Nieves from the Nationals. Washington is feeling pretty good about their catching duo of Ivan Rodriguez, and Wilson Ramos.

The Dodgers have apparently grown weary of Matt Kemp’s defense in center. They have brought in leather specialist Tony Gwynn Jr. and Trent Oeltjen. They also signed Dioner Navaro to  replace Russell Martin behind the plate.

Remember This SI cover? Looks like Dayton Moore's one and only love is now in his hands.

In a very Dayton Mooreish move, Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francouer are both now members of the Kansas City Royals (both former Braves!). Apparently the Royals have given up on 2011 already in 2010. Either that, or they like doing the Tigers, the Twins and the White Sox favors.

The Houston Astros acquired the the Ryan Rowland-Smith. The Australian native seems to be lacking an identity, and has been bouncing back and forth between the rotation and the bullpen, and this last year, he may have been the worst pitcher in the game. Good luck to Houston and Rowland-Smith.

The Detroit Tigers picked up two pieces. Chris Oxspring from the Padres. Oxspring is a 28 year old reliever who made his debut this year. He’s always been a middle of the road pitcher, but he will strike you out. Then he’ll walk you. They also picked up Omir Santos. Santos is a catcher, who is a lot like most back up catchers. Good glove, bad bat. His bat is so bad, that he might as well be swinging a broomstick.

The Colorado Rockies signed super utility man, Ty Wiggington to a $8 MM contract for 2 years, and a club option for an third year. Wiggington can play every position other than catcher and pitcher. But, he cannot play them well. Good signing for the Rockies, as Wiggington’s bat plays very well as an off the bench utility option.

Cleveland acquired back up catcher and first baseman, Paul Phillips. Phillips has never played in more than 30 games since his career started in 2004.

With Crawford and Gonzalez, the Red Sox have one of the best lineups on paper in all of baseball.

The Chicago Cubs signed first baseman, Carlos Pena. It’s a one year deal, and it’s around $10 million. Pena is seeking to fix his reputation after posting a sub-Mendoza line 2010 season. He also gives the Cubs a monopoly on Carloses. Good luck with that, Cubbies.

The Baltimore Orioles robbed the Minnesota Twins by getting J.J. Hardy for a pair of relievers. They also got power hitting, strike out record setting slugger, Mark Reynolds. Also, Brendan Harris will be wearing orange and black. Maybe Buck Showalter can teach him how to do something.

The Atlanta Braves have a LOOGY in George Sherrill. Sherrill is coming off his worst season in 2010, but should be able to bounce back.

And finally, the D’Backs have a closer in J.J. Putz, a third baseman or first baseman in Melvin Mora, a reliever in Kameron Mickolio and a pitcher in need of a role in David Hernandez.

It was a very, very busy three days in Orlando, and some teams got better (Baltimore, Boston, Washington and Milwaukee) and some teams got worse (Minnesota, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh).

We are still waiting on decisions from Cliff Lee and Carl Pavano, but other than that, most of the drama from the off season is over. Only 72 days until pitchers and catchers report!




2 responses

12 12 2010
T-Hanson =Cy Young

The Jayson Werth deal just blew my mind, seriously didn’t see this coming. I guess Werth wanted to hurry up and sign with a team instead of waiting it out and looking for the best offer.

Dayton Moore cracks me up, he always goes after an ex- garbage-Brave, lol.

Boston is gonna kill it this year if they stay healthy.

12 12 2010

Don’t forget Mariners. Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Guillen, Willie Bloomquist, Miguel Olivo, Gil Meche…

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