The 2011 Montreal Expos!

10 11 2010
Posted by WAMCO

The Montreal Expos moved to Washington DC in time to start the 2005 season. While the popular method to summarize their move was due to lack of support in Montreal, this does not really tell the whole story. The fans of the Expos did not have a chance. It is hard to be a fan of a team when you were more or less told, every year from 1995-onward, that your team was going to move. It is hard to support a team with an owner that abandoned them, and Major League Baseball had to take over. While MLB owned the team, they once famously refused to allow the team to make September call-ups while they were in a pennant race, putting them at a disadvantage. Like I say, the reasons for Montreal losing their team are far more complex than the attendance issues. However, this discussion is for another day.

As the 2011 season approaches, I got to thinking about some of the great players that played in Montreal. Every now and then, watching a ball game, I’ll see someone like Vladimir Guerrero or Carl Pavano and think, “he used to play in Montreal.”

Of course, if the Expos were re-formed, Youppi would be a big part of it. After the Expos moved to Washington, Youppi signed as a free agent with the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL, so he is still active in the community!

How many players who played in Montreal are still out there? I decided to attempt to construct an all-Expos line-up, comprised of active players who played for Montreal at some point (much thanks to for assistance with this research!). This includes guys who signed free agent contracts with the Expos, but does not include minor leaguers that were traded before they reached the majors (so, sadly, no Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore or Brandon Phillips for this team). Here goes:

Catcher – This position was a problem. Brian Schneider is the only active catcher to have played a game with the Expos, and quite obviously his best years are behind him. Gregg Zaun signed a free agent contract with the Expos in the offseason of 2003, so for now I am going to cheat a bit and include him as the backup catcher.

Infield – This group will need a lot of luck if they are to avoid the injuries that have plagued their careers. At first base, we have the made-of-glass Nick Johnson. When healthy, Johnson can still provide decent on-base numbers. At second base, Macier Izturis, currently of the Angels, who had a cup of coffee with Montreal in 2004. This team will need him to repeat his numbers from 2009. The shortstop will be Orlando Cabrera. Throughout his career, Cabrera has been mis-cast as a top of the order type. He will continue to be mis-cast in that role here. At third base, the much-traveled Fernando Tatis, who shows how much we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Backup infielders include many serviceable players, such as Geoff Blum, Brendan Harris and Jamey Carroll, who will all be required to help out. Mark Grudzielanek is somehow still eligible for this team, as he had a handful of at bats in 2010, but for now he will be in AAA.

Outfield/DH – The Expos used to play in the National League, but they are getting a DH here, due to the age of the players. Outfield defence will be an issue for this team, but there are some decent hitters available. The left fielder will be Milton Bradley, who started his major league career with the Expos. In center field, Ryan Church will be called upon to make up for Milton’s lack of range. In right field, Juan Rivera, currently of the Angels, will be counted on for his solid bat. Finally, at designated hitter, we are smarter than Ron Washington, and will not subject Vladimir Guerrero to the field. He will be counted on for his productive bat, and will definitely be burning his glove. Fernando Tatis can back up at the outfield corners, and someone will need to emerge as the backup in center (I suppose it would have to be Bradley, that is unfortunate…..).

Starting Rotation – This is definitely the strength of this team. There are many decent-to-good starters currently in the majors that have played for the Expos. The number one starter will be Carl Pavano, who has really turned his career around after his terrible run in New York. The number two starter is Ted Lilly, who did not pitch long for Montreal, but has turned into a solid starter. The number three starter will be Javier Vasquez. Hopefully the 2009 Vasquez shows up, and not the 2010 version. The 4th starter for these Expos will be Livan Hernandez, who was actually good in 2010 (I didn’t believe it either, look it up). Rounding out the rotation will be Shawn Hill, giving the team some Canadian content. Hill pitched well down the stretch in Toronto last year, coming off major surgery.

Bullpen – Another strength for this team, there are several solid relievers for them to go to in the late innings. Jon Rauch, who spent time closing for Minnesota in 2010 will handle the closing duties. Scott Downs, the solid set-up man for Toronto, will handle the 8th inning, with assistance from Miguel Batista, who has had two solid years of relief in a row (I couldn’t believe it, but it appears to be true). Guillermo Mota, Chad Cordero and Gary Majewski are all on the downside of their careers, but can all be effective middle relievers for this team. And when the game gets out of hand, Claudio Vargas can be counted on in long relief.

In summary, here are your 2011 Montreal Expos. Obviously, the line-up has seen better days, but given perfect health, it’s not the worst pitching staff I’ve seen. I think they’d win 70 games with some luck….. what do you all think?

Batting Order:
SS Cabrera
2B Izturis
1B Johnson
DH Guerrero
RF Rivera
LF Bradley
CF Church
3B Tatis
C Schneider
C Zaun
UT Harris
UT Carroll
UT Blum
SP Pavano
SP Lilly
SP Vasquez
SP Hernandez
SP Hill
CL Rauch
SU Downs
SU Batista
MR Majewski
MR Cordero
MR Mota
LR Vargas



14 responses

10 11 2010

Weren’t Sizemore and Lee both on Expos at one time before Omar Minaya traded them for someone. The trade was terrible then and looks even worse now. I might be mistaken though.

10 11 2010

Yes. The trade was Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew. Sizemore, Lee and Phillips never played for Montreal, only in their minor league system, so they were disqualified from this exercise. Too bad, this might be a playoff team with all three….heh heh heh.

11 11 2010

Also, the Expos gave up Lee Stevens in that deal, forgot about him….

11 11 2010

Pedro could make a comeback, too….

11 11 2010

Haha yea, too bad he didn’t pitch this year.

11 11 2010
T-Hanson =Cy Young

Wow, the Nat’s would be a contender easy , that’s if they had the money to resign all 3 guys at the time Lee,Sizemore,and Phillips, lol.How sick is that.

11 11 2010

It really sucked because after they gutted their farm system for Colon, they almost immediately fell out of the race. They ended up dumping Colon’s salary in the offseason for Orlando Hernandez and filler. If they hadn’t made the deal, and held on in Montreal for a couple more years with Sizemore and Phillips….sucks to even think about it.

12 11 2010

you forgot to insert bradley into your lineup.

12 11 2010

Nah, he just elected to go with 8 hitters in the hopes that Bradley would stay in the OF for defense then go to the stands on the offensive side of the game, meaning he gets nowhere near his teammates to cause drama.

12 11 2010

Yea, I figured that way he’d be less likely to twist his knee after being restrained by his own coach.


12 11 2010

Ryan Church in center shows you how screwed the defense truly is, haha.

12 11 2010

No one said this team was going to be pretty, lol….

12 11 2010

With no adjustments for playing time, according to Fangraphs this team was worth 19.2 WAR in 2010, which is about even to the 61-win 2010 Mariners’ 19.0 WAR. In 2009 they were worth 36.0 WAR, which is a little better than the 81-win 2010 A’s 35.6 WAR. This averages to 27.6 WAR which puts them almost exactly between the 80-win 2010 Angels’ 29.5 WAR and the 67-win Royals’ 25.8 WAR.

So from this haphazard, unscientific study the range for this team is 61-81 wins, with an average around 73-74 wins. My gut feeling is that this team would be toward the bottom of this scale.

10 12 2011
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