The Cardinal Post: 2010 season, the offseason, and looking forward to 2011

1 10 2010

Posted by D-Dizzle

First, I would like to start off by saying that General Manager Johnny Mo has said he expects to make some moves in the offseason.  He specifically said he would like to add some more new faces, ones that can hit 15-20 home runs.   Here is the article,

John Mozeliak has mentioned that he expects to make several moves this offseason.

great read.

Ok, now on with my post. Let’s have some fun with numbers.

  • Penny – 7.5MM
  • Ludwick/Westbrook about 5MM
  • Feliz – 1.5MM (about the amount what was left on his deal)
  • Reyes- 2MM

That’s a good 16.5 MM to cover:

  • an improved middle infield
  • a (good) backup 3B
  • a backup catcher
  • bullpen

Of those:
– Dan Descalso has to be able to sink or swim. If we can acquire a guy like the Diamondbacks” Stephen Drew then that’s great, or maybe sign Orlando Hudson to a 1 year/5.5MM deal. Hell, we could probably use both, because the middle infield is THAT bad right now.

-Get ONE good reliever. And I don’t mean another Dennys Reyes. I mean an actual GOOD reliever like a Benoit, Guerrier, Wheeler, etc. Let Fernando Salas, Josh Kinney, and hopefully Eduardo Sanchez occupy another spot or 2.

-Get a good starting pitcher. And no, not another Dave Duncan fix-up project like Brad Penny. I’m referring to someone like Ted Lilly, Jake Westbrook, Hiroki Kuroda, Carl Pavano, Bronson Arroyo(if he’s on the market), etc. That would make for a terrific rotation of Wainwright-Carpenter-Garcia-The Free Agent- Kyle Lohse(ugh).

Kyle Lohse is not an answer for the Cardinals.

This should (hopefully) be able to be accomplished within 16.5million and then if DeWitt raises payroll to keep Albert and/or improve a little more on the above parts, this team should cruise its way back to the top.

Some other points I would like to bring up.

Midseason I remember comments saying the team needed some clubhouse personality and lose the business guy mentality.  This got under my skin quite a bit.

Clubhouse chemistry is so overrated.  Chemistry is always good when a team is winning.  How do you keep chemistry good?  That’s right folks, you need to keep winning,  not go out and hire a professional clown to entertain the clubhouse(I’m being facetious of course, but you get what i mean).

This team had a ton of injuries,  but that should not be an excuse.

All teams have injuries, but most of the people come back from them. Did Freese come back?  Did Penny come back?  Ludwick was with us for about a week or so before we had to trade him after his injury, so more or less he didn’t come back.

People talk as if this year’s Cardinal team was just terrible.  Well, those people are probably right.

BUT to my count, we had 3, arguably 5 guys that all had either career worst seasons, or extremely poor seasons (Molina, Schumaker, Ryan, and probably Pujols and Lopez).  That wouldn’t be a big deal if they weren’t all regulars.  That just doesn’t happen that often,  where over 33% of the starting lineup has a drastically below average season.




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1 10 2010
dan first

All of the reasons that we lost this year gives me hope that we can win next year. I have to believe that if we would have had Brad Penny and a healthy Kyle Lohse all year that we could have tacked at least 10 more wins right there. As was already stated, many of our players had some of their worst years all at the same time. If they can come back up to their career averages or if we can upgrade at ss, 2b or rf we will be a lot better. 3B turned into a completely unproductive spot for us again after Freese got injured. Instead of having a solid everyday third baseman who could have given us a .270-.290 average with 15 homers and 60 rbi’s, we kept having to try to make our AAA second basemen and shortstops play out of position at the major league level. For the most part our bp was pretty good but it seemed like the days they were off, they were bad enough to give games away. I dont know the exact numbers but I felt like we had a lot of walk-off losses this year. Im a big fan of the Westbrook trade and Im very hopeful that we will put out the cash to keep him around. If we would have given him any run support he pitched well enough for 5 or 6 wins too. The most inexplicable part of this season was all the losses against bad teams. Nobody knows why but I’ll bet anybody whatever they want that we dont do it again in 2011. So if a few things would have went our way this year we would have not only won the NLC, but we would have dominated it. This could have easily been a 100+ win season. The Reds had some things go completely right for them this year. Scott Rolen had a very productive year when I though he was going to be a flop. Votto exploded. They kept getting dramatic comeback wins (which you cant count on usually, but they could this year). Bronson Arroyo, who I always expect to lose, kept winning. Next year the Reds will probably come donw a little and the Cards will elevate a little. I see a championship next year in STL if history doesnt repeat

3 10 2010

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