David Price’s Fastball

15 09 2010

Posted by Brady

David Price has appeared in 56 Major League games. 52 starts. He owns a 7.69 K/BB ratio in his career.

We all remember when when he recorded the final out of the 2008 ALCS, sending the Tampa Bay Rays to the World Series. And how we went on to a great rookie campaign the next year, and is now one of the front runners for the Cy Young Award. But how has he done it?

His fastball. That’s what it breaks down to. David Price throws a fastball. The only pitcher who throws a fastball more than Price is Cleveland Indians pitcher, Justin Masterson.

Price’s fastball is thrown 78% of the time this year. Which totals out to 2,202

Price's fastball is thrown 78% of the time this year.

fastballs. In last night’s pitcher’s duel (My favorite game of the year) he threw anything other than a fastball twice. You know what you’re getting with Price more than just about anyone else.

His fastball alone has saved 16 runs this year, good for fifth in the American League, trailing Trevor Cahill, Cliff Lee, Felix Hernandez, and Clay Buchholz.

But, that’s not the only key to his success. His control isn’t great, his BABIP is at .279, and he gives up his hits, evidenced by a 1.21 WHIP.

So what does he do? He keeps the ball inside the park, relatively well, and most of what’s hit is hit on the ground.

And while he doesn’t have swing and miss stuff, his 96 MPH fastball generates a lot of late swings, which is going to give you a pop-up, or a very weakly hit ball, and when you have a defense behind you like Price does, that’s all you need.

A 96 MPH fastball. Nothing else.




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