Potential Hall of Famers: Miguel Cabrera

9 09 2010

Posted by Brady

This is the second in my Potential Hall of Fame series. Today’s subject is the face of the Detroit Tigers franchise, a true Twins killer, and a truly elite hitter. Miguel Cabrera.

When I think of words to describe Miguel Cabrera, the first word I think of is “monster”. But what other words are there? Champion? He does have a ring, with the 2003 Marlins. Consistent? He’s hit .320 or higher in 5 out his 8 seasons. And 6 of those years, he’s hit 30 or more home runs.  He’s a 5 time All-Star. Essentially, he is a poor man’s Albert Pujols.

At the dish, there is literally nothing this man can’t do. In his 8 years, he’s hit 242 home runs. ZiPS has projected him hitting 5 more this year, bringing his season total to 38.  He is a legitimate threat to hit what old-timers consider the definitive home run milestone. 500. What’s the most amazing thing about this? He’s only 27.  He has more power than a good majority of players in the game. Advanced statistics agree with this. Cabrera has put up an ISO of .237.

Miguel Cabrera seems to hit an automatic .320 with 30 home runs every year.

Not only does this man have power, but he has patience. Throughout his career, he has only swung at 27% of pitches outside of the zone. While higher than Joe Mauer’s, it is lower than Vladimir Guerrero’s. Either way, that has given him a career OBP of .388 lifetime, and .428 this year.

Throughout the American League, when your team is in a tied game, and there are runners on, late innings, this is one of the guys you do not want to pitch to. He will find a a way to hurt you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a Twins game, and Miguel Cabrera does what you thought was impossible. All I have to do is go back to game 163 of last year. He had two hits. A home run and a double. And this was after run in with the law, and hitting below the Mendoza line for his last 7 games.

But, let this be said about Miguel Cabrera. He is purely an offensive force. He is a perennial 6 WAR player, and that is with a -60.6 UZR. Now, in all fairness, that is spread out over first base, third base, left field, and right field.

Miguel Cabrera can hit with the best of them. You always hear about Justin

Miguel Cabrera is essentially, a poor man's Albert Pujols.

Morneau hitting .300 with 30 home runs every year. And while that isn’t entirely accurate, it’s close. And he’s a borderline potential Hall of Famer. Well, Miguel Cabrera seems to hit an automatic .320 with 30 home runs every year. As far as I’m concerned, he just has to keep doing some semblance of what he has been doing over the last few years, and he will have his face in bronze in Cooperstown.




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