3/4 season awards for the NL

28 08 2010

Posted by D-Dizzle

Well, the season is starting to wrap up.  There is just a hair over or a hair under 40 games left (depending on the team) to go.  I thought this would be a good time to give my predictions for the award recipiants of the 2010 season.

National League

CY YOUNG: Adam Wainwright-  No pitcher has been as consistent as wainwright this season.  He currently leads the league in ERA and Wins and is only .02 behind in WHIP and a handful of strikeouts being Halladay.  The only real blemish is that he hasn’t thrown a perfect Game. Kidding.  The real blemish is that his team isn’t in first place right now because that usually brings bonus points in the eyes of the voters.

MVP:  UGHH Joey Votto-  Yes, you read it right.  A Cardinals fan says Joey Votto is the NL MVP over Albert Pujols.  He is leading the league in batting average and is 2nd in HR’s, RBI’s, and Slugging.  Of Course, Pujols is first in those stats.  Honestly, it could be a coin fip at this point.  Again, Votto gets bonus points because his team is in first place.

ROY:  Jaime Garcia.  I really couldn’t decide on whether to give this one to Buster Posey or Garcia.  I ended up deciding that since Garcia has been doing his thing the WHOLE season, so I gave him the slight edge.

Rookie pitcher Jaime Garcia has played a huge part in the Cardinals success in 2010.

He leads rookies in essentially every pitching category there is except strikeouts.  He has been the second most consistent pitcher on the Cardinals rotation this year, more consistent than Chris Carpenter.  Heck, he even has a better ERA than him.

American league soon to come.  Stay tuned!




5 responses

29 08 2010

I don’t know what to think. A Cardinals fan lists 2 out of 3 awards being Cardinals players…

30 08 2010
New Law Era

Yeah, I mean, that’s just kind of how it is.

Unless Heyward goes on some crazy tear during the last month of the season, it looks like Garcia is gonna win the ROY.

Funny how, 3 months ago, we all thought for sure Ubaldo was gonna with the Cy Young and Heyward was a lock for the ROY.

31 08 2010

yeah pretty much. its not like they are a stretch or anything. actually, their are very reasonable, if not probable.

29 08 2010

I have no problem. It would be very cool if the Pujols won the MVP, Wainwright won the Cy Young, and Garcia won the Rookie of the Year. No other team has ever done that.

30 08 2010

First place doesn’t always add bonus points. Hernandez and Sabathia were viable candidates for last year’s Cy Young, but the lowly Royals’ ace Greinke won it.

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