Breaking Down Stephen Strasburg’s Dominance And Appeal

20 08 2010

Posted by Brady

We all know who he is. We’ve all heard his name. We all know how dominant he is. The fact is that Stephen Strasburg is the most productive rookie in the National League. His numbers are completely mind blowing. In 63.2 innings pitched, Strasburg has struck out a mindblowing 86 batters. 86 batters. He is the proud owner of a 12.2 K/9. He has faced 259 batters. He’s surrendered 24 runs, which translates to less than 3 runs a start. In his 11 starts, his 63.2 innings translate to 5.74 innings per start. His FIP stands at a mind-boggling 2.21. Strasburg has left 73.4 percent of base runners as base runners. And when he’s only had 66 base runners in his 11 starts which translates to almost 49 base runners, and 6 base runners per start, which makes sense since he has a 1.114 WHIP. Strasburg has thrown 1017 Major League pitches, 667 of them for strikes. An astonishing 65%.

In Strasburg’s 11 games, he has accumulated 2.4 WAR, compared to NL Rookie of the Year favorite, Jason Heyward’s 2.6 and Jaime Garcia’s 2.5 in 23 games.

If voters (not you, Keith Law) voted based on Sabrmetrics, Strasburg would easily be the NL Rookie of The Year, and he would have a strong shot at the NL Cy Young Award.

There is no question that Strasburg has been dominant. There is no doubt that the man is a star. Strasburg’s first baseball card went to auction, and as of July 20th, it was selling for well over $11,000. He has had one of the most memorable appearances on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”  Strasburg is putting National baseball on the map, which is awesome, because, how many people really know they have a team?

Now, let us, as baseball fans, hope the Nats take good care of that arm.




9 responses

20 08 2010
T-Hanson=Cy Young

As long as they don’t have Dusty Baker on the team ,they’ll be fine .

21 08 2010

woahhhhhh cy young? after 11 games?? slow down now bro

21 08 2010

Am I saying he would win it? No. 11 starts. You’re absolutely correct. But, he deserves a high finish in the voting.

22 08 2010

a high finish for 11 starts and about 2 wins? i sincerely doubt it. he won’t place in the voting. Cmon now, unless he throws like 3 no hitters from here on out, his innings cap will run out and his chances at either ROY or CY will as well.

25 08 2010
New Law Era

That’s not what he’s saying. He’s making the case that because Strasburg has been exceptionally valuable (according Wins Above Replacement [WAR]) in this short time up in the big leagues that he SHOULD get consideration for the CY. He obviously won’t because that’s not how things work.

Plus with Strasburg’s most recent injury, it probably looks like he won’t be getting any kind of consideration for anything until probably 2012. It’s very likely that Strasburg will need TJ. Sad day for Nationals fans and certainly a sad day for baseball fans as well.

22 08 2010

He won’t get top 5 voting. I doubt he’ll even get top 10, especially with all these arm issues that are popping up recently. If he ever pulls this over the course of a whole season, he would win the Cy Young.

22 08 2010

Did someone just mention wins as a determining factor for the Cy Young award?

And Bacon’s right. He won’t get a whole lot of love for the Cy Young now, since he’s probably going to the DL, but he would’ve been in the top 10.

22 08 2010

The concern I have with Strasburg is that he looks to be injury prone. I almost doubt that he can start 30 games and put up a 2.2 FIP. If he does, that’s a 9-10 WAR season. Easy Cy Young.

25 08 2010
New Law Era

I think he could maybe go a season with 30 starts if he’s completely healthy. Obviously speculation is turning into fact that his mechanics do in fact suck. However there are examples of pitchers that can make it one, two, or even three full years with completely crap mechanics (Chris Carpenter comes to mind).

But we’ll see. He’ll come back as a starter (probably in 2011 since he probably needs TJ). If he gets hurt again, he’ll come back as an RP and with his control and his stuff, he could maybe carve out a great career as a dominating closer.

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