Picking Apart Ozzie Guillen

19 08 2010

Posted by BaconSlayer09

As the 2010 Chicago White Sox season unwinds into the dark depths of failure, Ozzie Guillen is at it again. In another one of his famous “Ozzie being Ozzie” segments, he finally admitted that he was wrong for not wanting Jim Thome. Yet, he is still extremely bitter about the questions that are coming from the fans, as well as the reporters, in regards to the topic. I know many have tried to analyze an Ozzie Guillen rant, but I’m going to put a new spin on things.

  • “For all those people there saying it was my fault about Jim Thome, yes it’s my fault. If those people don’t like that, (bleep) them.”

Alright Ozzie, if you stole somebody’s wallet and they found out, they shouldn’t be mad at you? You’d tell the victim of your crime to go (bleep) themselves? Nevermind that these people are the ones helping you pay your salary. What an ungrateful bastard.

  • “I’m not afraid. I can care less what people think. We’re in second place. When Jim Thome was here, we finished third three times out of four years. We went to one playoff because he hit a home run to go to the playoffs.”

Thome is currently holds a .412 wOBA, which leads everyone on the White Sox' current roster.

Now I feel like I’m arguing with an 8 year old. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it Jim Thome’s fault that the White Sox sucked in 2007 because they had no bullpen? Is it Jim Thome’s fault that the pitching staff fell apart in the second half of 2006? Is it Jim Thome’s fault that the White Sox were a mediocre team in 2009? You can’t pin the team’s previous failures on one player, especially when the said player hit 30 or more home runs for you in three straight seasons. The fact that this 2010 team has had success is not due to the offense. If anything, the White Sox have been winning despite a mediocre offense. But oh, you do bring up the fact that Thome hit a huge home run in the play-in game in 2008. So what the hell is your point Ozzie?

  • “Listen, I don’t make that decision, we made that decision. It was hard for me to do this. A lot of people in Chicago talk about Jim Thome. How about J.D.? I think Jermaine Dye did more stuff for the Chicago White Sox than Jim Thome did, with all my respect to Jimbo.

Now you’re getting off-topic Ozzie. Jermaine Dye has nothing to do with this Jim Thome discussion. The difference between Dye and Thome is that Thome is left handed. Thome still has power. And lastly, Dye was stubborn about his contract and his playing time. Plus, did you see how Dye hit in the second half last year? I’m sure you did Ozzie, because you were in the same clubhouse as him.

I’m totally sure it was so hard to decide between Jim Thome and Mark Kotsay. Think about it, one guy is a future hall of famer who came off an acceptable year as a DH. The other guy is completely past his prime and can’t hit or play the outfield anymore. But, oh it was so hard! That’s what she said. She as in Mark Kotsay’s wife.

  • “What’s going on here? I don’t get it. Why do people forget about J.D.? People don’t even talk about J.D. at all. If Thome was a better player than J.D. for the White Sox, that’s the answer. J.D.’s not playing for the Twins.

Of course you wouldn’t get it Ozzie, you probably don’t even know what slugging percentage is.  After all, I wouldn’t expect you to due to your Venezuelan education. As for Thome vs. Dye, Dye accumulated only 6.4 WAR over the course of his stay with the White Sox. Thome racked up 12.5 WAR with the Sox, not to mention he played one less season in Chicago than Dye. So I think the answer is clear Ozzie, Thome was more valuable to the White Sox, a lot more valuable.

  • “That’s it. If (Nick) Punto hit that home run, I might still be crying. Or (Denard) Span. Or (manager) Ron Gardenhire. Jim Thome’s hit almost 600 home runs, good for him.

So you dumped a guy with almost 600 home runs for Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones? My god…

  • Every time we had Jim Thome here, we couldn’t play him against the National League. Why won’t anybody give me credit for that one? We won 15 games. And Jimbo had one, two at-bats every time we played those guys. And we made this run because we played good against the National League. We got hot then.”

Ok, so you won 15 games against the Cubs, Pirates, Nationals, Marlins, and Braves. I’ll give you credit for the Atlanta sweep, the rest is a bunch of chump change. Plus, it would have been nice to have Thome as a pinch hitter. The slight versatility of Mark Kotsay isn’t an advantage when he’s hitting .230. Just so you know.

  • “But I hope he hits another (bleeping) one today. He had all three hits against lefties. Is it my fault we can’t pitch against his (rear)? No. Well … I feel proud of him, to be honest with you. When I see him hit that (ball) out there all the way to the building out there at 98 (mph), I don’t see that for the last three years with us. Good for him. A lot of people talk about the home run from Jim Thome. How about the eight or nine runs before that? But that’s OK. I’ll wear it. I’ll take it. I’ll take the heat.”

It could be your fault that you left Matt Thornton in when he had already pitched an inning and a third before that. Where was J.J. Putz? Where was Chris Sale? Overusing one guy will be your demise, as it always is. Plus, Jim Thome hit PLENTY of balls hard on good fastballs. The guy is a notorious fastball mistake hitter. Why is it so hard to appreciate what Thome did for this club?

  • “Because I know my mind, my heart and my soul, they’re very clean. I have my head on my shoulders, and I think we did the right thing with what we did in spring training. If people don’t like it, good. They don’t like it, they don’t have to watch the (bleeping) White Sox.

Tell me how the hell you have your head straight when you just told a good amount of your employer’s fans to go screw themselves? Reverse psychology maybe?

  • “Oh and I got one more year on my contract, just make sure to tell Jerry (Reinsdorf), get it ready, this crazy (bleeping) Mexican, it’s fine with me. They going to blame me about one home run, I’ll take the blame.”

Guillen's antics are getting very tiring for many White Sox fans.

You still don’t get it Ozzie, do you? That one home run is not the entire reason. Your stupid mistake, as well as Kenny Williams’ stupidity to listen to you, might have cost the White Sox the 2010 AL Central division title. I hope you sleep well and don’t give a shit about the people who pay your salary. Because if you truly think that way, nobody in their right mind would like to see you at 35th and Shields come next April.

Stuff like this is why I hate Ozzie Guillen. He’s stubborn, he’s offensive, and he comes off as an immature 8 year old who happens to be managing a baseball team. I think it is in Kenny Williams’ best interest to never ask Ozzie what he wants ever again. Because if he listens, they’ll both be looking for jobs in the baseball unemployment line. Make no mistake about it.




3 responses

19 08 2010

Look on the bright side: apparently Cito Gaston was their second choice……

19 08 2010

At least Cito doesn’t tell the fans to go fuck themselves.

19 08 2010

True. Cito tends to do that to reporters as opposed to the fans.

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