J.P. Arencibia’s Debut: A Waste of Time?

19 08 2010

J. P. Arencibia's contract was purchased from AAA on August 6th, and he only played in five games before being demoted

Posted by WAMCO:

Toronto fans were expecting a down year in 2010, and in relation to the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox, that is exactly what they have experienced. Knowing this, since winning this year was unexpected, or even possible, it would seem to make sense that the Blue Jays should try and catch a glimpse of the future, and get some experience for many of their young players when the appropriate opportunities arise. With that in mind, the Blue Jays really dropped the ball recently with the promotion of “catcher of the future” J. P. Arencibia from AAA.

John Buck, who is having a fantastic season, was injured on August 4th and Arencibia was recalled on August 6th. Jose Molina started at catcher on August 6th, and over the next two weeks, ending August 18th, Molina started seven games while Arencibia started five. Arencibia caught back-to back games once. This is a major increase in playing time for Molina, who not only is a terrible hitter (career .618 OPS) and has been dreadful at blocking balls in the dirt all season, but is 36 years old and clearly not a part of the future. Arencibia, in all likelihood, is the starting catcher in Toronto in 2011, and this would have been a great opportunity to see what he could do over a short period of time, and give him some (albeit not a lot of) experience. He will not get a lot of playing time in September, because he will have two veterans on the roster to fight with for playing time.

As great as it was to see Arencibia come up and have the debut of a lifetime (4-5, with a home run on the first major league pitch he saw!), the team has really missed an opportunity here to do itself and the player some major good, and unless they are committed to allowing their young position players to play (like they have with their young pitchers), the rebuilding process in Toronto could take a lot longer than it should.




4 responses

19 08 2010

Another fun fact about Jose Molina as an injury replacement: last year, when Jorge Posada was hurt, Molina actually banged up his quadriceps because he wasn’t used to the wear and tear playing everyday. He was basically injured for being a backup!

20 08 2010

im confused. so why was it a bad thing to call up Arencibia? it isn’t costing any money because he still has to have 6yrs of service time. if their not doing anything this year, then why not?

20 08 2010

I liked that they called him up. I don’t like that they nailed him to the bench. I’d rather see him play in AAA than be on the bench in the majors. He was the backup catcher to Molina when he was up, and that’s wrong.

21 11 2010

it isn’t really “they”… more like “The Manager”

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