The Crew

17 08 2010

Here at Pine Tar and Pocket Protectors we will have a group of people, fans of different teams, to offer different perspectives on Baseball’s hottest topics.

Here’s the PT&PP Crew:

-Teix4MVP: That’s me! I’m a Yankees fan, but I’m not going to scream about them from the rooftops.

-MagicSox: He’s a Red Sox Fan that I actually like. But anyway, he’s pretty cool and funny unless he’s talking to a certain Blue Jays fan…

-WAMCO: He’s a Blue Jay Fan, but not the one stated before. He’s sensible, and just a cool guy.

-New Law Era: He’s a Cardinals fan. He’s smart and a cool guy. If he doesn’t like you, be afraid. Johnny Cueto, sleep with one eye open.

-BaconSlayer09: He’s our resident White Sox fan. He’s a really smart guy, and he thinks Mark Kotsay sucks. Don’t we all?

-Cubs223425: He’s a Cubs fan. He’s actually kind of calm but he’s really intelligent. He doesn’t scream for Hendry to die.

-Wilchiro: He’s the Mariners fan. He’s pretty cool with the Mariners and always defends Ichiro and the rest of the team.

-D-Dizzle: He’s a Cardinals and Blue Jays fan. He’s a good writer, and one of the more intelligent guys.

Also, T-Hanson=Cy Young and Texas Flats will be guest posters every once in a while. That’s the PT&PP team!




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