Oh Hai Thar!

17 08 2010

Sorry for the stupid internet speak; I wanted a unique title. Anywho, I’m BaconSlayer09, the White Sox fan who doesn’t act like the stereotypical White Sox fan. Instead of telling you how much the Cubs suck and how much I love Ozzie Guillen, I do almost the exact opposite (well, the Cubs part might not be true). I’m a big sabermetrics guy. I can play around with percentages and manipulate arguments using them. Not that I’m manipulating them in a bad way.

For the most part, I will be posting about the White Sox and the reasons for their successes and failures. Of course, there will be stats and numbers sprinkled in. So if you failed elementary school math, my posts will get confusing.

If you want a preview of my writing style, check out this post from the FanGraphs Community Blog.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and my upcoming posts.

Happy Baseball!




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